• Shepadoodle Puppies (F1 and F1B)

Since 1995, MccumberHaus has been the Internationally recognized authority on Shepadoodles, producing fine low to minimal shedding hybrid dogs with ALL the qualities and traits of the GSD. Whether for family pets or for individuals with special needs (diabetic seizure alert, epileptic seizure alert, companion and assistance dogs, therapy dogs, court dogs), these dogs are the last dog you will ever want to own!

Our juveniles are first evaluated for their individual potential, whether it be a family pet or service dog, they learn basic obedience until they begin their lives with new families. The Shepadoodle's specialized training starts as early as 10 months, 2 months earlier than their other canine counterparts. Our dogs have been frequently placed for service to children with autism and Asperger's syndrome, Our F1B dogs are hypo-allergenic and non-shedding. Our breeding stock has taken 20 years to perfect. We carefully evaluate each generation for 2-3 years to certify health and temperament before we breed. Upon whelping, each pup is carefully tested in monthly increments. A gentle temperament has been built into each line, so as to work well with children and adults in all social and occasionally chaotic situations presented in service and therapy situations. Our dogs are protective of the family home but accepting of familiar faces. Our dogs love cats and other animals, with a remarkable understanding of the 'pecking order' in your existing animal hierarchy.

We guarantee our stock against genetic health defects. The quality breeding of a McCumberhaus dog is written all over it. Incredible eyes that tell a story of the bond and loyalty from the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) and the intimate playfulness and intelligence of the Standard Poodle. This dog is a superior choice for families with children, and folks who desire calm sweet intelligence, yet need a dog to alert and bark when strangers approach. We certify each dog and provide certificates along with a health pamphlet keeping records of inoculations, worming, and other vital treatment(s).

We have a devout following of current owners in your general area stretching across the nation. These owners will be happy to meet with you and display their Mccumberhaus animal with pride. Our great references sell our great dogs!

We have F1 pups/juveniles (50/50 mix), F1B pups (75 Poodle/25 GSD) available throughout the year. All pups are inoculated at 8, 12, and 16 weeks and wormed according to the National CDC standards, at 4,6, 8, 10 weeks. We worm one last time at their first Rabies shot at 16 weeks.

Pups are individually checked and health certified by a licensed Veterinarian at 5 days to 8 weeks and again prior to shipping. Health and vaccination records are supplied. Each pup is micro-chipped (upon request) If you can imagine a perfect dog, our Shepadoodles are it! This dog will be noted in the history books providing the breeding standards stay high. We at MccumberHaus use only proven certified healthy stock. Yes, our dogs cost a bit more but are worth every penny!

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