• Labrador Retriever

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We have 4 yellow males available. Puppies will be 8wks old and ready to join their new families on March 2nd. We are having the puppies temperament tested by Dog Training Elite on Feb 15th. We are also testing them on pheasant wings to see which show natural attraction and marking ability for bird hunting.

Please visit our website for more information and pictures:

The focus of our breeding program is producing puppies with outstanding, solid temperaments that will become wonderful family and hunting companions as well as service and therapy dogs. Our dogs are carefully screened for health problems and genetic defects to ensure our puppies will be free from issues that Labrador Retrievers are predisposed to. We test for hip and elbow dysplasia, heritable eye diseases, Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC), Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM), Cystinuria, Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (HNPK), and Progressive Retinal Atrophy/Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (PRA-prcd). At Crescent View Labradors, we only produce the three colors stated in the AKC breed standard- black, yellow, and chocolate. Yellows may vary in color from fox-red to light cream and chocolates may vary in shade from light to dark chocolate. We do not produce or sell any dilute colors such as silver, champagne, and charcoal. Our puppies are born and raised in our home and are an integral part of our family. To encourage resiliency, resistant to disease, and optimal health in our puppies we provide daily Early Neural Stimulation (used by the US Military in their canine program) on days 3-16 after birth. As they grow, our puppies are properly socialized to prevent fearfulness and other behavioral issues. We only raise a small number of carefully planned litters each year. This allows us to give our full attention to making sure each puppy has the best start possible. Healthy, calm, intelligent, and loyal- that's a Lab you'll love to live with!

We provide excellent care to ensure your puppy gets off to the best start in life. Before your puppy goes home with you it will have been examined by our veterinarian, received its first set of vaccinations (at 6wks) and dewormer (at 2, 4, and 6wks). We provide a 26mo. health guarantee against hip dysplasia and PRA-prcd and a congenital defect guarantee as well.

We are located in Sandy, Utah. We can ship puppies to Sacramento Airport from SLC for an additional fee or you are welcome to visit us and pick up your puppy. We already have a couple puppies from this litter being delivered to Rancho Cucamonga, CA if you don't want to ship your puppy and can meet us there. There is also a possibility we can meet in Elko, NV.

Phone: 801-417-1049
Text: 707-657-9453
Email: crescentviewlabradors@yahoo.com
(707) 657 - 9453

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