• Havapoo-Povanese

  • $650
The perfect gift for San Valentine, Havanese-Poodle, "Havapoo-PooVanese" mix is relatively new in the designer dog world and one of the more rare purebreds and rarest beautiful expensive hybrid hypoallergenic dog. Because the cross between the two, Havanese and Poodle resulting in the endearing little delightful mix displaying both intelligence and gentleness, they are highly trainable and possesses a naturally affectionate temperament which make the breed the ideal family pet. Because the Havapoo are rarest if you find a puppies the price range from thousands if you lucky to find one. We do not care about business we care about our dogs, we are looking for a good family to give them love and care . Please feel free to call or text for more information@916-705-0915. We have only 2 left, one female and male
(916) 705 - 0915

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