• English Short Legged Jack Russell Puppies

  • $600
English Short Legged Jack Russell Puppies available.
2 males and 1 female, available at 8 weeks, January 1, and January 8, (2 litters)
$200.00 deposit to hold your pick puppy, we happily accept PayPal, balance due when you receive your puppy. All puppies have had their dewclaws and tails done. They will be started on their puppy shots and our veterinarian will give each puppy a well puppy check. Each puppy comes with food, a toy, a towel that smells of their puppy home, pedigree and a detailed information packet.

Our available female is in the first picture, we call her Kelly $700.00 - sale pending
The rest of the puppies are males. Listed in order pictured
Bobby $600.00
Teddy $600.00
Rocky $500.00 - SOLD
Joker $500.00 - SOLD
Freddy $500.00 - SOLD
Charlie $500.00- SOLD
Louis $600.00 - sale pending

The remaining pictures of the parents, at home, at work (adult foster care) just being the wonderful creatures they are!

These puppies are located in Rogue River, Oregon. We are planning a trip to San Deigo soon after they'll be ready for new homes, so delivery is possible.

Our dogs are different. We are a small breeder, our dogs spend the day out on the farm with us and sleep in our beds at night. All our dogs are house broke, travel well in a car, walk on a leash, wear winter coats and holiday costumes, they are welcome at the homes of friends and family because they are very well behaved. Most of our dogs have been or are therapy dogs, they spend time each week at an adult foster care home, keeping elderly residents company being cuddly and loving.

Our puppies are born in our bedroom and as they get mobile, we move them into the living room or kitchen. Our puppies are truly "home raised" NOT crated or kept in a back room away from normal home activities. Our puppy pens are temporary and our puppies are turned loose several times a day to introduce them to many different experiences. The sounds and bustle of a busy household can intimidate and scare a puppy only familiar with a kennel or quiet back room puppy pen. Our puppies learn from being submerged in daily life. Our tolerant cats teach them everything furry isn't another dog and cats are friends that don't need chasing. They learn vacuum cleaners and garbage disposals don't eat puppies. We do our best to teach them that bathes can be fun or at least that there's no need to get upset over a bath. We handle their feet, look in their ears and mouths and clip their toenails regularly, it helps them to accept visits to the vet or groomer when they're older.

We do our best to prepare our puppies for their forever home. They wear little harnesses and clothes (under supervision of course) and we begin leash training. They get car rides (well, with us it's generally truck rides) they all get to spend time at an adult foster care home loving and being loved by the residents. My young grandson gets them accustomed to small, noisy, active children.

The short legged English Jack Russell, also known as puddin jacks, are a shorter, calmer version of the way better known Jack Russell Terrier. These little terriers were initially bred for fox hunting and had to be small enough to fit into a saddle bag. When the fox went underground, it was the little English Jacks that came out of the saddle bags and into the hole after the fox. The farmer could then, reach into the hole, grab a jack by the tail and pull out the little Jack usually with a fox attached!

These are playful dogs, often inventing games all on their own. Ours play a couple of games that have been passed down from our older dogs (Leeim especially) one is "hide the ball in a blanket" they hide a ball in a blanket or box and then look for it. Our dogs open Christmas presents. Better yet, they will wait until you tell them it's okay to open them. Often Rufus, our die hard toy boy, will lay, nose touching a present, waiting for Christmas to come. He usually knows which ones are his, how, we have no idea, he's just a very clever little dog.

We have been sharing this unique breed since 1991, they make great family pets. We have carefully chosen our lines to produce Jacks that have a great Temperment and are highly Trainable. I cannot emphasize enough how different our dogs are from the standard, well known Jack Russell. They can play, hike and entertain with the best of them, however, when it's chill time, they are the ultimate couch potato! While we're out and about around town, The comment about them I hear the most is "they're so calm and this is a Jack Russell?"

Our dogs get along with all of our other animals here on the farm, except the rodents, they are natural ratters. This breed has been used and bred to be "rodent patrol" since its founding. They tend to have easy going big dog personalities, wrapped up into a little dogs body, they truly are portable big dogs.

If you want a great companion and a wonderful addition to your family one of these puppies are a great choice!
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